Timber Frame Home and Bridge

About Us

Located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York in our studio located at 498 1/2 Castle Street!

The principal Architect and Planner, Daniel R. Long, has over 25 years experience in the architectural and construction field. His past experience ranges from the academic and professional to the practical working on a construction crew as laborer and carpenter. Nothing would help Architects understand more than by "doing" what it is they draw everyday.

The firm utilizes the latest CAD and 3D modeling to provide clients results they want and collaborative firms the support they need to deliver quality service. From data collection using laser and photogrammetry equipment to color renderings done with that personal touch -- the needs of each client is met with the most effective means to bring out the best results.
Clients will often admit that this is the first time that they are working with an Architect so they really don't know what to expect. Hopefully some of the information here will help you if you are considering working with an Architect for the first time or have done so before and want to know how our firm may differ from others. As always, if you don't see an answer to your question here on the site feel free to contact us and provide our principal with an opportunity to respond. 

Our firm works on a flat-fee rate, or one based on the type of work requested by the client. In many cases, the client comes to us with a set of direct needs and in return wants to know up front what the service will cost. We can provide detailed proposals that clearly describe what we will do and for how much -- up front.

Services can range from just doing some initial sketches up to full architectural and planning services that include not only the construction drawings but continuing support during construction and coordination with your contractor. In the end, we tailor each service to do what the client needs.

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